PAR2-files are so called recovery-files, and they are only needed, if the download of the original files (MP3-, movie- or other files) did not complete with success (because, for instance, one or more parts were not available anymore on the server).

To repair damaged or missing files, we need (as well as the PAR2-recovery files on the server) an additional piece of software. We will use the - free of charge - program QuickPar. You can download it from and install it onto your computer.


To repair the downloaded set of files we need the recovery files. You can recognize them by the PAR2 file-extension on the server. If there are no such files, we cannot recover the set of files.

Which recovery files will we need?

To know this, we must first download at least 1 of them. You can download any one of them. Simply download the smallest of them by double clicking! You also can download the PAR2-file without the addition vol<XXX>+<YY> in the name. This file is really small, has no recovery data, but has all information to check whether the set of (MP3-, RAR- ...) files is ok.

Of course you can download all available PAR2-files immediately. But the example here should show, how to determine how many and which of the PAR2-files are required (if you must have a look on your internet traffic bytes)!


After downloading of one of the PAR2-files, we start QuickPar by double clicking the PAR2-file symbol.

QuickPar now will automatically check the set of RAR-files.


After checking, QuickPar will tell us how many recovery-blocks (not files!) we need.

So - in our example - we need 42 recovery blocks.


Now you must calculate - but it's not difficult! ;-)

The number behind the plus-sign (+) in the name of a PAR2-file (<name>.vol<XXX>+<YY>.PAR2) tells us, how many recovery-blocks the file contains.


You simply must download so much different PAR2-files, that the sum of the recovery-blocks is at least the number of needed recovery-blocks (which QuickPar told us)! And it makes no difference, which of the PAR2-files you download - you simply must download at least the number of needed recovery-blocks!

In our example we could download the two PAR2-files "+40" and "+2". But we also could download a few of the other files, also containing at least 42 blocks:
(+01 +02 +04 +08 +27 = 42)


After downloading the recovery-files, we start again QuickPar by double clicking any of these files.

QuickPar now will again automatically check the set of RAR-files.

And this time, after checking, QuickPar will tell us that the set of RAR-files can be recovered. Simply click on the button Repair.


If the repair succeeds, QuickPar will tell us this.

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