Extract, save and remove email attachments,
or export emails in various formats to disk
with this Outlook Add-In!

Outlook Attachment Sniffer is a powerful Add-In for Microsoft Office Outlook to extract specific or all attachments and to export emails from your Outlook in various formats!

Exported attachments can be replaced with links to the saved files, and you can reimport them later. When replying or forwarding emails, these links can be replaced automatically with the original files.

You also can copy and move emails to other Outlook folders, optional with auto-creation of subfolders depending on the email's data (subject, sender, recipient, date and so on).

Updated: March 15th, 2012

Outlook Attachment Sniffer

Current version:


This Outlook Add-In requires

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)
  • Outlook 2002-2007, 2010 (32/64 bit)

Improving performance

My Outlook PST-files
and Exchange-files
are growing and growing...
What can I do?

My Outlook
is slowing down
more and more...

How can I save and remove all attachments from Outlook...?

How can I export all emails from Outlook
in bulk...?

By extracting attachments you often can - sometimes dramatically - reduce the size of your Outlook PST-files and Exchange-files.

Shrinking or compressing your PST- and Exchange-files usually will improve the performance of Outlook, and will result in a more efficient work with Outlook!

Outlook Attachment Sniffer - Facts

  • integrated in Outlook as an Add-In.
  • save all attachments from specific emails or from complete Outlook folders to disk in bulk.
  • remove attachments from the emails or let them replace with links to the saved files.
  • you can later reimport exported attachments, which were previously replaced with a link.
  • when replying or forwarding emails, the links can be replaced automatically with the original files.
  • attached .MSG-emails can be inspected recursively for further attachments.
  • if you move the exported attachments to another location (because of disk space, for instance), the software can update the links inside the emails.
  • export all emails to disk in the formats TXT, HTM, MSG, EML, RTF and MHT. The program can log the export, if you wish to import the data into a database.
  • copy or move emails to other Outlook folders with and without auto-creation of subfolders depending on the email's data (sender, recipient, subject...).
  • filter emails to process (sender, recipient, subject...).
  • automatically process specific or all new incoming emails (on local inboxes).
  • without blocking by Outlook.
  • proven thousandfold!


Changes in

  • Full support of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook.
  • Unicode enabled:
    Filenames and paths now also can contain Unicode characters (like Chinese). You can use email fields (subject, sender, recipient and so on) containing Unicode characters to define the filename and the file path.
  • Better handling of signed/encrypted emails.

Changes in

  • Bug fix: The shipped batch-mode-program OASbat.exe showed (in certain Outlook environments) a message like "Class not registered".
    This has been corrected.

Changes in

  • Command line program OASbat.exe added.
    With this you can process multiple job definitions automated.
  • Bug fix: in Outlook 2010 a click to Relocate links has opened the Reimport dialog. This has been corrected.

Changes in

  • Placeholders [FE], [F], [E], [F1] reintroduced
    (attachment's filename)
  • Error message removed (when choosing an IMAP-folder)

Changes in

  • Relocation of links added:
    With this you can update the links inside the emails, after you moved the exported attachments to another location.
  • Placeholders [SD] and [RD] added:
    Domain of sender's/recipient's address

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